A Recipe For A Good Morning

It really only takes three things to guarantee yourself a good morning.

  • A New Showerhead- New showerheads are under 20 bucks and very easy to replace. You never realize how bad your old one is until you get a new one.
  • A New Pair Of Socks- Is there any material object that feels better on your feet then a brand new oair of socks? I love that feel.
  • Visiting one of your favorite websites and seeing a Top Story like this. (in case you read this post after the story is no longer the Top Story, you can read it here.)

Ah, good morning. I think I’ll go watch the sunrise.


  1. What was the contest? And do early mornings help you to feel extra generous to poor little siblings struggling in college? (It was worth a shot…) And one more thing that adds to a good morning is waking up a minute or two before the alarm goes off. For some reason I feel like I beat the system or something (I know that doesn’t apply to you and your insane internal clock though).

  2. Something about winning a contest cause you had the most blogs means that you definately haev too much time on your hands. Congrats though.

  3. Thanks Shaun.

    By the way, the contest was in their forums. People would post questions about Macs, ipods, software, etc and I would post back comments and answers and stuff. Each time someone posted they would get an entry into the contest. At the end, there were 8,000+ posts and I was randomly drawn as the winner. (There were other people with 700+ posts.)

  4. That’s great Brian. You’ve been wanting a Mini, haven’t you? You probably don’t need another Mac, but I think you’ll really like this one.

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