Have Favorites But Don’t Be Picky

I think it is important to determine your favorites. Find things that you really enjoy. Partially because I think it will help you know yourself better. But also because it helps you build relationships with others. It’s always fun to know what others enjoy and it gives friends and family a reason to think about you.

For instance, anytime James Taylor is on the radio or the Rebels win a big game or Apple Computer comes out with a new product, I can guarantee that I’ll get a call from someone to talk about it. That’s fun. Likewise, I have certain people pop in my head any time I see Willie Nelson or peanut butter or Hot Fries or Oompas or chocolate covered cherries or big trucks or Dirt Cake. It’s fun to have random things bring up good memories of someone you care about. It gives you a reason to reach out to them.

However, the danger of favorites is that you might be too picky and afraid to try new things. Be careful with that because you might just like the next thing more and it will become your new favorite. You might just like balut more than Oreos. (I didn’t.)

I guess I’m just surprised how often people haven’t determined their favorites.


  1. Brian, I know we never really spend a lot of time around each other but you totally come to mind when I come across anything James Taylor, Rebels, or Apple

  2. i have to clarify…brian you are not the first and/or only person who comes to mind when i think of those things. you are one among others such as my husband…he also loves those things! =)

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