Human Body 2.0

10 thoughts on “Human Body 2.0”

  1. I like the idea about stopping hair growth. It is so frustrating to get the perfect haircut and then it grows so fast you can only enjoy it for a short time. Nice post!

  2. I would make the ear lobes into the bladder. Then people would know if you had to pee. Let’s say you are in the car on a roadtrip and you have to go. Oftentimes it is not your car and you might not want to ask to stop. This would eliminate that awkward moment

  3. (side not: Can you do another blg entry on this years t.v. premiers? I have half-heartedly tried to find out when the good shows are going to start, and it is not working and I am pooped.)

  4. I would make mouths sound proof. My favorite cereal is GoLean CRUNCH. People can hear the crunch for miles. If mouths were sound proof, I could enjoy my cereal without trying to chew rock-solid granola softly.

  5. On the subject of hair growth, I’ve always wished i could grow my hair faster. Im never satisfied with my hair cuts so I always want to grow it back out as fast as possible.

  6. Brian! I can’t take credit for these, because you’re the one that wrote them. The first two are something I’ve given a few pennies for thoughts to, but the third one…ORIGINAL! haha – I was commenting on my hair today and how it’s already grown from my hair cut 3 weeks ago. That would be loverly. Also, the zoom and itch thing. You’ve given it much thought… although, the rock hard abs would be nice to have.

  7. @ Taylor, if the bladders were in your ears than it’d be a really painful experience to turn on the zoom in your eyes. When I have a full bladder the last thing I’d want is to squeeze it. Maybe the bladder could be in the same place it is now but there could be a gauge on your face. For instance, your eyebrows could act like a gas guage turning red as you fill up.

    @ Stacey, all of our favorite shows are starting during the 24th to the 28th. I like to keep up with shows and get alerts on them.

    @ Emily, that’s a great idea. I’d do that solely for when my mom chews corn-nuts.

    @ Rachel, There’s an old saying. It reads, “The pot calling the kettle black.”

    @ Oliver, As if you needed any more hair on your head.

  8. Rod and I were talking about this concept before we fell asleep last night. Rod came up with some ideas, but I think they will have to wait until Human Body 8.0. 🙂

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