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  1. I read your blogs and thought they were very interesting, especially hearing about straws and all of the possible pros and cons of using them and not using them. Who knew that this would be such a mental jigsaw puzzle?

  2. After reading your ever interesting blog I have come to the conclusion of three things.

    1- You have got way to much free time.

    For one to think up, analyze, and publish such intense issues such as; “Straws- the pros and cons” is quite troubling. Then I remembered your train of thought- You and tu hermanno get a thrill of not only your creative problems and solutions- but the reaction and feedback from your fellow acquaintances.

    2. Straws are definitely appropriate in any solution.

    Brian, I thought you were a man of confidence. It is ludicrous for one to deny a straw because his image may be construed to being too feminine and not manly enough. This saddens me.

    Straws are great. Each pro presented in your theory overrules the petty cons (the liquid is warm at the bottom, lame- you can easily stir the solution and get an evenly temperatured product.)

    3. I truly enjoy your writing techniques and creative themes and such. You’re a great writer- each story k

  3. I would like to point out the fact that Kelsey states that I have way too much time on my hands. I would like to say that everyone has time to think (car, shower, while falling asleep at night) and I just use to use ALL of my time.

    On a second note, Kelsey had time to read my comments, think about them, come to conclusions, AND respond with comments of her own. Interesting.

  4. Well according to Miss Manners – straws are tacky. 

     For me, the klutzy blonde I only like straws with a cup that has a cover – like you get at the drive through.  That because I am so short I have to tilt my glass to reach the straw.  When the glass if full I spill the drink. 

     If there are kids at the table – straws are play things and they usually make a slurping sound not to mention other sounds with the straws.  So, that is a big con.

     Can you tell which way I lean about the use of straws!

  5. I read the “straw” entry on your
    blog. I seriously considered the matter and actuallytried a few things when I went out to eat the nextnight. First of all, I rarely get other drinksbesides water. But, I everyone else got a lemonade,so I decided to as well. I have come to theconclusion that with water, a straw will always bebetter! You are very rarely going to get warm waterfrom a restaurant, and sometimes the ice is in suchabundance that a straw is the only way to get anywater without having ice touch the better part of yourlower face. However, with the lemonade, I took a hugesip right at first and got an abundance of lukewarmsweet liquid in my mouth. Besides the fact that itkind of grossed me out thinking of a pitcher of warm, pink lemonade just sitting in the kitchen for hours,it was a disappointing first taste. Anyway, withwater – always the straw. With other drinks, I thinkI’ll either let it sit, or I’ll go strawless.

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