impressed and humbled

I was struck in a special way this weekend. Christmas was good. I mostly just enjoyed the extra time to get things done. But on Sunday Night, President Gordon B Hinckley of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints visited Larry King on his show, Larry King Live. I really enjoyed the conversation that they had. It was amazing to see the way that President Hinckley stayed so simple and forthright about the beliefs and doings of the church. Even though he is very knowledgeable and experienced, he still chooses to use the most simple thoughts when he shares the gospel. That is a good reminder for all of us.

One of my favorite tidbits:

KING: It’s hard to be a Mormon, isn’t it?

HINCKLEY: No. It’s wonderful.

KING: Not hard.

HINCKLEY: No, no. It’s just wonderful. It’s demanding. Great expectations. I should say so. But it’s wonderful.

KING: Wonderful to resist the temptations of life?

HINCKLEY: Oh, you don’t go around resisting. You just develop a positive outlook and walk forward with faith.

KING: What do you do …

HINCKLEY: We don’t dwell on the negative. We dwell on the positive.

KING: What do you do with temptation? What do you do with it?

HINCKLEY: Set it aside. Put it behind. Leave it there.

KING: And you’ve been able to do that all your life.

HINCKLEY: I tried to, yes.

KING: Were you ever, as a youngster, did you ever stray?

HINCKLEY: Oh, I was a natural boy growing up, of course I was. Just a freckled-faced kid. Sure.

KING: I’ll bet you were.


KING: I’ll bet you had a little rascal in you.

HINCKLEY: Sure I did.

KING: OK. It’s good to know …


KING: … that God blessed you this way.

HINCKLEY: I’ve been blessed so abundantly that I can never get over it. I just feel so richly blessed that I want to extend that to others wherever I can.

KING: Hope you have a long life.


  1. I loved this part too. It reminded me of a thought I had a few months ago. “I feel many of us are on the wrong side of the ball, or at least our focus is. To many people say we can’t let satan do this, or we got to stop him or [as some may see as resisting the temptations of life.] That frame of mind puts us on the defense and him on the offense. However, we are the offense. The gospel is the offense. satan is tryin to keep us out of proverbial endzones. If we continue on the defensive we will, just like any good defensive football team, grow tired and let the offense score. However if we are affectively running our offense, we keep our defense fresh for those few times they have the ball or in other words, when we are tempted.”

  2. 2 hours after getting a call to talk in sacrament on temptation, I got online looking for Napoleon Dynamite tidbits, and came across the Letterman clip. THEN stumbled on your thoughts from the Larry King interview with President Hinkley and it became my foundation of my talk. It was so very strange. I also am intrigued on this business of loading people’s iPod’s for them for $$$. My wife doesn’t pay me to load hers, but man! What a sweet idea! I wonder what demand in Utah for that would be? Ever need a Utah connection let me know! I spend half my day on this my Mac, I may as well get paid for it! Thanks for inspiritaion on the talk.

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