My November Stockpile

Here are random things to post but that don’t deserve their own post:

  • A quick finance lesson: There are two people you always overpay, the mafia and the babysitter. The mafia for is for obvious reasons. No one wants to get fitted for Quikrete shoes on the edge of a bridge.

    And overpaying the babysitter ensures that you’ll always have a high quality babysitter available. To me, parenting is the most important duty I have. If I am going to put someone in my place to do that for an evening I want to make sure I get the best there is available. If that means doubling what other families pay, that seems worth it to me.

  • I’ve certainly felt an increased appreciation for the seership of the church leadership lately. For decades they have taught to preserve the family unit and to be wise with your finances. Looking at the state of the world today, how prophetic does that seem now?

    Of course, we’d all be wise to take this as a reminder to listen even more now so we can be prepared for tomorrow.

  • I have a new goal. I want to own something that is 100+ years old. It doesn’t need to have high monetary value, but I really want it to have a great history. Something I can really trace back and understand the path that it took to my possession. I’ll keep you informed as this progresses.
  • We’re about 11 weeks from Stucki boy #2. I’m so excited.


  1. I am a descendant of John Browning. He was a pretty famous gun maker. We have some 100+ year guns in the family. They last forever and some have some have some neat history. Of course, some may have some shady history (i.e. mafia section in this post). If you are into that kind of thing, they can be passed down for generations because of their resiliency.

  2. Dave, a gun is a great suggestion. My guess is that the history would be quite trackable as well since there are serial numbers on the guns.

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