My PRK Surgery and Recovery

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I posted last on March 1 and I’m posting again with some wonderful news that’s hopefully encouraging to others… Earlier this week, I had my 3 month post-op exam, which was actually at 11 weeks post op. I noticed two weeks ago that my vision was really becoming clear, and the exam proved my suspicions… I am now 20/20 in both eyes. All the funky stuff (halos, fluctuating vision, ghosting/stacked vision) is all gone now and I see consistently clear. I am told that my vision will continue to “crisp up.” My left eye is catching up to my right. While I see 20/20 in each eye, my right eye is still a little sharper. Together they are pristine. I have to cover each eye to see any difference and it’s becoming less and less.

    I know you have all heard this before, but my message is to be patient and follow all the orders on drops. Everybody DOES heal differently and I’m an example of that. 6-7 weeks ago, my chart read was terrible, to the point I was worried that the refraction numbers weren’t correct with the laser (a real rarity, since they have many ways of checking, re-checking and then the computer will actually reject their calculations if they don’t pass several criteria). In reality, I still had healing needed right over my pupils.

    Last night, I had a special moment… I gathered up all my contact lens cases, unopened solutions, and marked them “cheap” for our rummage sale. Glasses are also out the door.

    Doctor says she’ll see me at the end of August and then 1 year post-op. It feels like graduating because PRK is a big commitment and quite a process. It’s not for everybody, and not all results are equal, but it can be amazing if you are a good candidate willing to make that leap!

  2. Thanks to everyone for the really informative posts! i am scheduled to get PRK next friday, May 7. I am 38, but still do a lot of sports and have an astigmatism, making me a good candidate for PRK. From the reading I have done, it sounds like I’d rather invest in the recovery time with PRK than do Lasik with the flap risks. I currently have 20/25, and 20/30 vision in each eye, so this is an elective surgery for me, but with my astigmatism, everything is always a bit blurry. I once had glasses a long time ago (10 years ago), but stopped wearing them when my eyes adjusted to them and became worse. I’m willing to invest in the recovery time, but is the risk worth the procedure??

  3. I am preparing myself for PRK eye surgery in one week at a well established laser eye center, and i am scared to death! I have worn glasses/contacts for 28 years now and i just want to see without totally bankrupting my checking account when i go to my yearly eye exams. I was wondering after the procedure is done can a person see well enough to eat, go to the restroom, or cook? I am a very independent lady and i don’t know what to expect other than being told the recovery is longer and i cannot have Lasik procedure. I just want to see. Anyway love the testimonials from this website.

  4. I had PRK on March 4th so it’s been 2 months now. Vision is good now and have experience a lot of things like listed in this post. The issue I’m having is my eyes burning and feeling so tired. It’s like I just want to close them. Any one else having this after two months?

  5. I did a lot internet research as I plan to choose PRK (0 FLAT)instead LASIK OR LASEK for vision correction, and found the following information. Hope this will help for people who are concerned about post PRK recovery.
    “A new topical (eye drop) anti-inflammatory medication called Xibrom (Ista Pharmaceuticals) appears to be significantly more effective at controlling post-operative pain and blurred vision after PRK surgery.
    According to refractive surgeon Ming Wang, M.D. (Wang Vision Institute, Nashville TN), Xibrom has made his PRK patients noticeably more comfortable after PRK surgery, and has improved their visual acuity the day after surgery as well. Dr. Wang reports that soaking the bandage contact lens he applies after PRK with Xibrom has “dramatically decreased patients’ discomfort during the first 24 hours (after PRK surgery),” enabling many of his patients to not need any oral pain medications after the procedure.
    Using a new and effective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory eye drop like Xibrom, “enables us to do what we feel is in our patients best interests without disrupting their daily lives and decreasing the ‘wow factor’ of elective surgical vision correction,” adds Dr. Wang.”

  6. @Carla

    Oh yes – you won’t be able to drive for a bit and the world is very blurry – but you should be able to do all basic household tasks (except dusting, since you can’t see the dust!)

  7. I found out today that my cornea is too thin for Lasiks. I am scheduled to go in on Thursday for the PRK procedure on both eyes with the hope that the long holiday weekend will give me the extra day that I need so that I can go back to work on Tuesday. I do work in front of a computer – – am I crazy to think that I can have the procedure on a Thursday and be back to work on Tuesday?

    I am very nervous about the PRK recovery time and disappointed that I am not a LASIKs candidate.

  8. Just a followup on my experience. My PRK with monovision surgery was on March 13th. I had read every single post on this website beforehand and I think that made a huge difference in any recovery. I knew what to expect and what was normal. I have fibromyalgia and was worried about the level on nerve pain I would have. I had NONE! The worst part of the surgery is the very cold water they flush your eye with. I could see instantly! On the second day there was discomfort, but no pain. Remember, I have a very low tolerance to pain. I was glad when the contact/bandaids come off. There have been blurry days and nighttime driving isn’t as clear yet, but I highly recommend this surgery. My eyesight was worse than 20/400. It is only at 20/40, for now. But should continue to improve. The other eye is 20/20. I can read everything. This surgery is truly amazing!!

  9. This blog was a very good idea as it has been an encouragement to me and many others. Thank you!

  10. Had my PRK on May 20th. My vision was so bad that optomotrists were all pretty baffled by the amount of stygmitism and near sightedness I had.
    Within 1 week from surgery I was at 20/25 with my left eye, but 20/40 with the right. I was progressing pretty rapidly and was in good hopes.
    Recently there have been no improvements though so I started to get worried. So I found myself here reading others’ stories and found that Im pretty much at the normal recovery rate it seems. I am really really hoping that after the 1 month point my vision will get much better. I still am experiencing double vision with my right eye, which is most notable with high contrast images, such as computer screens, the guide on tv, etc..

    Question, at what point do you think it is ok to drive at night?

  11. hi just wanted to add my two cent! well im on day four of my recovery from PRK and after reading this i wished i had it good like him!!! today is the first day ive been able to keep my eyes open for more than 5 minutes at a time! i have been in pain since a couple hours after i left the hospital on tuesday! (its friday afternoon) i havent left my room in four days and really havent eaten anything either. the worst pain i woud have to agree would be as soon as you wake up your eyes are dry from sleeping with the contacts in and as soon as you try and open your eye it feels like you have scratched your eye all over again!! this recovery was no walk in the park and was way worse than i really expected!! sorry hope i didnt scare any of you! BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS I CAN SEE NOW!!!

  12. I had my PRK done this past Tuesday. it’s now Sunday (day 6) My vision is only 20/70 and no signs of improving. I have to go back to work Tuesday. I have a ride for one week. After that I have no ride, if my vision doesn’t improve, I’m screwed. I have no idea what to do. I am so stressed and nervous. I just want to be able to SEE. 🙁

  13. I’m due to go in on June 10th and these reviews have me wondering if I should go for Lasik instead. I’m really not looking forward to 2+ months of recovery. I work with computers every day and if I can’t read my screen, I can’t do anything.

    My eye Dr said I will be using “Lotemax” post operation to help in the process. Does anyone think this will help speed up the process?

    My biggest concern is my family vacation coming up August 14th. I will be 5 weeks in by then so I will be able to swim but will I be able to see things clearly? I don’t want to walk around squinting at everything…

    To note, I’m only 25 years old. My eye Dr said on a scale from 0-10, 10 being the worst, I’m a 3-3.5.

    Would the severity of your vision have an effect on the recovery time?

  14. Off to PRK tomorrow. My docs been rather ho hum about recovery, and consequently so have I, until my wife pointed out 2 weeks. Thats when I sat up and noticed. Me thought it would take 3 – 5 days but I guess everyone is different.

    My primary reason is sports since I play squash a lot, and my guess is I will be out for about three weeks or more. Lets see how this one goes.

  15. Thanks for info. I had prk done to my left eye on Friday. I woke upat 2 am and couldn’t open my eye, I quickly grabbed my drops and put alot ofthem in and my eye opened. I went in for my follow up the next day and the dr5 explaqined it was just a mucus build up from all the meds. I must admit I have had lasik twice in both eyes, and the astigmatism came back again in my left eye( this all within 7 years, my last touch up in both eyes was 4 years ago). I am so glad I bought the insurance the dr. warned me it would come back. Anyhow I must admit I do not like the prk procedure as compared to the lasik. I kust hope this one takes as I will not and can not have it performed anymore. Life without glasses is fantastic.

  16. I’m in my 5th day after the surgery and I still have bad vision and I have double, and triple vision.
    I wouldn’t recommend it.
    Maybe I have to wait more I don’t know.

  17. I’m having PRK surgery tomorrow! I wish the recovery was faster. I feel good about it though.

  18. OK PRK done 07/22 and here are the results
    Scale 1 – 10 (10 is highest)

    pre PRK Eye Sight: -5.25 both eyes

    Procedure Discomfort: 3. The laser itself took 38 seconds per eye. The cold water drops, anesthesia and clip to keep eye open were more annoying than painful.

    Recovery Pain: 7 then 2. This is initially high because of my ignorance in that I forgot to take the pain killers the night after the surgery. After the pain killers, it was definitely a 2.

    Contact lenses discomfort: 4. I hate contacts and since they were in my eyes for 4 days – I was quite annoyed but once they came off, all was well.

    Eye Dryness: 4. Use the drops regularly and you will be at a 2. The driest it is when you wake up and its worse if you use a fan close to you.

    Vision Clarity: 7 (so far). Double vision and blurred occurs but that is part of the PRK healing process. The cornea heal outside in (hence the contact) so by Friday 7/30 (8 days after the procedure) I should be 90%.

    Recommended: 8 (so far). I think this number may go up once my vision clears and all activities get back to normal. To not to have reach for my glasses first thing, not have distorted peripheral vision and wear sunglasses to avoid glare are great boons.

    Conclusion: I have already made swimming, hiking, rafting, new car, and a plethora of outdoor activities. I did ll these before, but now I get to enjoy them with an added dimension.

  19. I just had PRK surgery five days ago. The surgery was on a Friday. I had no complications over the weekend; except for a slight discomfort with one eye late-Saturday that lasted until mid-Sunday. It felt like I was wearing a ripped eye contact lens. The doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory eye drops and steroid eye drops that I regularly used. I started on the antibiotic eye drops a few days before the surgery and I am still using it until it’s gone. I am still using the steroid eye drops, too. The epithelial cells had completed its course since yesterday, but the cells are clumped together at the center of my eye, so I have double-vision. (Sometimes I experience quadruple-vision with bright objects like tail lights.) I probably shouldn’t drive, but aside from the slight haze, I can see well enough. Light sensitivity had subsided two days ago. I am using lubricating eye drops to help smooth out the epithelium that are clumped up on my eye. I can’t read very well on my 20″ LCD monitor that is at 1024×768 with getting a headache; however, I can type this on my iPhone that’s 5 inches from my face with better success. I use an app on my phone that alerts me to take my eye drops at the correct intervals. I believe keeping up with the medicated drops as prescribed is key to my relatively painless recovery so far. I was at -7.00 diopter (worse than 20/200) and wore eye contacts lenses for 18 years before surgery.

  20. I had prk on both eyes two weeks ago. Right now I am wondering if it has been the biggest mistake of my life! Simply wanted to get rid of my reading glasses. Had it done on a Friday and was told that I could possibly drive to work on Monday. Two weeks later Im still not totally comfortable driving especially at night. Quite honestly I think I could drive better after TWELVE PACK! I think i just need to “see” some improvement. The general jist of all these comments is that the Docs do a lousy job of handling the healing expectations. Im sure that my concerns are overstated but I do feel as if I gave away my distance vision to be able to read.
    I will check in in a few weeks and give an update.
    This site has given me hope-knowing that others are going through the same thing is helpful.
    As they say “misery loves company”

  21. I had PRK about 3 weeks ago and I still find it increasingly difficult to be in any type of light without sunglasses and going outdoors is just ridiculous…I find it hard to keep my eyes open in the light. Doctor says eyes look healthy and vision seems to be improving but the doctor has a poor bed side manner and ignores my questions about the light situation…anyone else suffering the light problem?

  22. Hi, I am at two weeks recovery after my PRK Wavelength surgery. I am having extreme light sensativity, even hate having the drapes open in the morning. Can’t drive even with good sunglasses as everything is too bright and need to keep closing my eyes. Anybody else have this problem and will it get better?

  23. Hey Kathy, I wrote in on the 17th…good news! I can see and it is so much better. It got so bad that I demanded to see the surgeon again to make sure that there was not something more serious going on. Like you, I had difficulty driving during the day, woke up 2 hours early just to get used to the interior light (of which I kept my apt dark for this reason)but it does get better. The surgeon checked me out and said the surgery was a success I was just one of the 1% that takes longer to heal. But, I can now drive and keep my eyes open in the daylight. And, I my vision is 20/20!

  24. For the first time in Afghanistan on December 2009 , I parform PRK my patient were very happy and I also ,I have bad memory from glass wearing.

  25. Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks for your reply. I also went in and asked for some help as I was starting back to work in a week, so they gave me some steroid drops and they worked great. I now feel that there is nothing but improvement and the vision is getting clearer everyday. I still have really dry eyes and so they are still blurry alot but I hope that gets better too. I am almost a month in now and it is nice to know that I am not the only one that has had some difficulties.

  26. Thanks, Brian, for your detailed and candid synopsis! I am preparing for PRK surgery in a few weeks and your entry was really helpful in letting me know what to expect (from someone besides a doctor!). I am still VERY nervous about the procedure even though I have a stellar doctor but I feel more prepared for the recovery now having read your entry. Thanks again!

  27. Hi, I’m scheduled for PRK on 6/10 (-8 in both eyes.) However, I’ve developed dry eyes over the summer. I currently use refresh drops 3 or 4 times a day and more at the end of the day after staring at the computer for work. I’m worried that this will affect my suitability for surgery and that maybe I should be taking medication or supplements beforehand to stop the dryness? (I already take anti allergy drops.) I’m aware that they’ll be dry afterwards anyway and but am concerned that if they’re already dry this will make it a more painful and slow recovery. Any advice welcome!

  28. Hello everyone,
    I also had PRK surgery on 21st of August, 2010. I’m in my 4th week, so far so good. There’s still place for improvement, but I can see quite well. My left eye is very clear, but with the right is not so clear on distance. Also, my eyes get tired at the end of the day.
    I hope it will get even better, but at the moment I’m very happy with my decision to have the surgery.

    If you’re interested, I’m starting to write a blog with my experience:

  29. Okay,need anybody advise, going for prk surgery in 2wks, nervous as hell, going for monovision & I have astigmatism. My concern is not being able to drive very well at night & losing distance sight, even after complete recovery. Might just correct the distance & use reading glasses. My doctor prescribe omnipred, steroid & vigamox, antibiotic.

    Thanks for all your blogs etc.. best sight.

  30. I just had PRK yesterday and had read all the blogs I could find to prepare myself. Both my eyes are -8.5 with astigmatism, with my glasses constantly sliding off my face from the weight. I’m sure my doc is good, as he was a referal from a satisfied coworker, but like what everyone posts, recovery details were light. What’s funny is that I made sure to clear my nose right before the surgery so that I could smell the burning that everyone blogs about, for the full expereincce. Was a bit dissappointed that it only smelled like someone was having a perm next door. Currently experiencing a lot of pain the next day, but it’s less intense than any sinus headache from my allergies. The halos and ghosting are kinda neat, but I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon, especially once I go back to work in 2 days.

  31. I was screened today and PRK is scheduled for Monday, 27th Sept. … am now better informed after reading all this, and I suppose it will be better once it’s all over….however, right now, i’m still blurry visioned from the dilation drops, and I can’t see close by….very diorienting.

  32. I just recently had my PRK done Sept 17, and returned to work Sept 22. I too sit in front of a monitor all day, and its frustrating. My vision constantly goes in and out, and I am worried about it affecting my recovery time. I had my protective lenses taken out on Sept 20. Did you have any problems working ? Thanks

  33. Great Blog.

    I also had PRK on 9/15/2010. Overall, great experience. My vision was so bad that I could not see 2 fingers clearly 1 foot away from my face without glasses or contacts. The doctor advised that they don’t even calculate this level of eye site on the 20/20 chart, although I did find a site that did the comparison and it came out to be around 20/8000 in both eyes. That said, post PRK, I’m seeing at 20/40 or better. Incredible. 🙂

    What I would have liked to know before hand: Pain. The surgery was nothing and super easy. Afterwards, my doctor perscribed Vicodan. I happen to be one of those people who do not respond to Vicodan, Percoset or Oxycodone. It is something to do with the ingredients in those drugs. For that reason, I was in INCREDIBLE pain. It felt like my eye balls were doused in gasoline, lit on fire and then under pressure and going to be shot out of my head. My doctor ended up perscribing Dilaudid, which became a miracle drug. It ended the pain and put me to sleep. I basically slept for 4 days, and it sped up the heading process.

    The only troubles I’m having is working with white backgrounds. I can see words well, but if they are on a white background, they are not sharp or crisp and very blury.

    Overall, highly recommend. For the first time in 30 years, I can actually see things like the shampoo and alarm clock. Whatever the negatives, this was the best choice I’ve made in my life.

  34. I had PRK done last Friday, Sept 17th. When I went in, I was expecting to have Lasik, but the surgeon strongly recommended PRK due to thinner than average corneas. So on Day 7, I’m a bit frustrated still. I was completely unprepared. Sure the doctor told me the pain and recovery time was longer than with Lasik, but it was a much safer procedure for me, long term. I did explain to him that I had to work on Monday and hadn’t scheduled any time off. He indicated it should be fine. It wasn’t. The procedure itself was strange, but not painful. The original post described the procedure perfectly, it felt like my eyeballs were being manhandled. I was lucky not to have any real pain that night or the next day. On the third day however, I could hardly open my eyes because of the pain. I had some pain killers, and put ice packs on my eyes. After a couple of hours, it was much better. I was able to function somewhat normally – except I couldn’t see much. My distance vision wasn’t too bad – much better than when I went in. My near vision was terrible. I did go to work on Monday, but only lasted 3 hours. I work on a computer a good part of the day. I struggled with a combination of 3 different pairs of reading glasses, and sunglasses before I had to call it quits for the day. The rest of the week has been difficult, but I’ve gotten through it. I have everything on my computer blown up as big as it will go, so that really helps a lot. When I can’t see the computer anymore, I try and do something else for a while. Just giving my eyes a break seems to help. If I had to do it over again, I’d definitely take a week off work. I’m still undecided if I’d do it again but I am hopeful.

  35. This blog has been really helpful but I’m still scared to death to do the PRK surgery. I haven’t seen any posts stating a wonderful -10 and -11 such as my poor eyes are. I’m thinking even if I got to -1 it would be a miracle but do i really want to go thru tonz of pain?? I’m not totally convinced! I’ve lived with glasses and contacts for 40 years so what is 40 more years? The bummer is I can’t wear the gas perms any longer. This is a dilema but thanks for the blog & posts. Contemplating……

  36. Thank you so much. I have been researching PRK and this blog has been so helpful. I was extemely worried but this has put a lot of my fears to rest. I am not happy about the first four days but it sounds like it will be ok. glad to hear that others liked it too. Can’t wait for the day I wake up and see the alarm clock without reaching for those glasses!!

  37. The whites of my eyes were red, burning and super sensitive to light the day after surgery. Regular drops did not help.

    I tried Refresh PM eye ointment and got INSTANT relief!!!! I continued to use the ointment every waking hour for 2 days after surgery. Then it was just before bed for 2 weeks.

    Refresh Eye Drop website:

    Get sunglasses, you will need them.
    Night vision will be bad for 3-4 months.

    You may need to get some cheap reading glasses to use for reading a book or with the computer screen while your eyes are healing. Everyday, your vision will change so don’t spend money on good readers. You can get reading glasses at the Dollar Tree for $1. Give your eyes time to heal. My vision took 4 months to finally stabilize and became very sharp.

    Keep your eyes moist with drops or ointment. Dry eyes will slow down the healing process. Your eye will also ache when dry.

    Put ointment in before you go to bed and drops in first thing in the morning. I also put drops in during the night if I happen to wake up during the night.

    I did not smell any burning, but a friend of mine that has his eyes done, did.

    So far I am very happy that I had this done.
    I wish I would of had this done years ago.

  38. Hi,
    I had PRK on 9-28 and have my 3rd follow up appointment tomorrow. I had one eye done for distance and one for reading which was how I wore my contacts. I wish I had known how painful it would be after surgery. It didn’t last a long time…but I can relate to the feeling of having your eyeballs doused in gasoline and lit on fire! I also wondered if I had made a huge mistake. My distance vision is excellent and I can also see great at night. My only complaint is that I cannot read yet unless I use reading glasses. I will confirm tomorrow that they actually did the left eye for reading…..

  39. I had my follow up today and Dr. confirmed that one eye will be for reading. He also dropped the FML drops to 3x daily which he said would help the vision improve. In one more month he said I could take it to 2x daily. Vision is improving a little each day. Patience is such a huge thing with PRK and also asking alot of questions. Unfortunately, if you have never had PRK, you don’t know what to expect.

  40. I need advice from someone who has had PRK surgery. Both my sister and I are scheduled to have PRK surgery on November 15th – and the question is – will we be able to take care of ourselves or will we need to have someone present throughout the day to take care of us? We will have someone to drive us to follow-up appointments, but at home – will we be the blind leading the blind? Please give your thoughts on this. I want to make arrangements beforehand if they are needed.

  41. My eyes were swollen shut for about 24 hours. My husband had to lead me into the house from the car. After that, I could open them a little and it got better each day after. If you have everything you need within your reach you should be ok. The issue with PRK is that you do not know how much pain (if any) you will be in or how you each will respond to the surgery in general. Each person is different. My advice would be to have someone available just to be safe and then you won’t worry about it.

  42. @ Nikki – friend just had this surgery a couple of wks ago & I have been helping her. Stock up on simple to prepare meals, snacks, eye drops, your pain med of choice, etc. & let some friends/family know you may need help from time to time. Eat healthy, drink lots of H2O, vitamins, extra omega. My friend is 2 wks out – has to use ‘car pool’ help to get to work, sunlight/daylight is still an issue and still blurry vision for reading. You should be OK, but just know it takes time for the eyes to heal completely & you’ll both need a bit of help…

  43. I had PRK surgery 26 Jan – now about 9 months ago. The first few weeks if not months were absolutely TERRIFYING. I was convinced I would never get my vision back. Pleased to report now that I am at 20/10 vision – yes, better than “good”.

    For those undertaking PRK a few tips from me:
    1. Brace yourself for very serious pain and inability to see! I had to blindfold myself and be doped out on vicodin for the better part of a week to cope with week 1. I live alone therefore I fortunately prepared in advance by seriously stocking the fridge and revving up my ipod with audio books in advance.
    2. Do not plan on driving or working on a laptop for 3 weeks!!!!! I returned to work after 2 weeks and honestly I was a total hazard on the road. I could not see my laptop screen (I am a software product manager, so this was a real issue!)
    3. Brace yourself for a long recovery. The recovery is VERY SLOW, but you will (most likely) get there – statistically PRK is still better than Lasik. I was in a total state of panic for weeks/months, but am now doing great. About Month SIX I really started to feel like my vision was good again.

    Hopet this helps.

  44. Hi there,

    Just wanted to say this is my 5th day after PRK and my eyes feel a lot better today compared to the last 3 days. Still blurry vision and some light sensitively, but it’s not as bad as the last few days. Took lots of water, vitamin C, and slept a lot to try to speed up the healing process. Still awaiting to get my contacts removed, I heard eyes might get a bit worse after contact lens removal so I am a bit worried. I will post another update then.

    Note to Nikki, it would be nice to have someone around but not 100% necessary. The difficulty comes when you are trying to read which eye drops to take and how often to take them, it’s nice to have someone who can see assist you with that. My finace actually made me a colour coded eye drop schedule which really helped ensure that I take the drops on time. When it comes to cooking, definitely wear your glasses while cooking or have some pre-made food to just heat up. Your eyes will be very sensitive and easily irritated. Make sure your kitchen is well stocked b/c you won’t want to go out.

  45. Does the level of pain and rate of healing relate to the amount of correction that is needed? I wear -8.00 and -9.0 contacts now an have astigmatism. Also, is age a factor in how fast healing takes place? I am considering PRK and am 51 years old.

  46. I’m having PRK right eye only this Monday. Darvocet on recall as of today. Will need another pain medicine asap. Thank you for all of the pre-information on what to expect. I had lasik on both eyes about ten years ago and it was great. Vision has slightly regressed. Goal is to gain distance vision with PRK and continue to read out of left eye.

  47. Hi it’s Jerry here again. Now it has been almost a year on 16 Dec it will be exactly a year since my PRK and I am blessed to report that my eyes are doing well. I had the PRK at age 49. The first 3 months was kinda blurry in distance but my up close was very good. Now I am pretty good seeing distance and up close although some of my up close isn’t as sharp as it was initially after surgery. Over all I am happy with my vision no glasses and I was wearing bifocals before the surgery. Good luck and wish you well. Cheers.

  48. Thanks for writing about this. I’m getting this surgery in a few weeks, so it was nice to hear someone’s point of view.

  49. I had PRK surgery on both eyes in June 2010…6 months later I am still struggling with the healing process in my left eye. I went through the same “pains” as everyone else; the blurry vision, the dryness, vision getting worse then better, sensitivity to light and even the slightest breeze causes my eyes to dry out terribly. I can’t tell you how many times I lubricate my eyes (I should buy stock in refresh!), especially during the night. I put drops in at least once every hour during the night, yes, I am a very tired individual. I’ve had at least 5 instances where I’ve ripped the cells off from swelling and dry eyes…you want to talk about pain…WOW!!!! Unbearable for at least an hour and then your vision regresses to where everything is a blur for at least a week. If I could redo things I never would have had the PRK (I had lasik about 12 yrs ago which was a success). I guess I am just one of the 1% who do not have a good outcome, so for those of you considering the surgery…think hard, as I was one of those who just knew that I wouldn’t be one of those unlucky ones.

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