Switching from the iPad mini to the new iPad Pro

I’ve had an iPad since the day the were released. I walked into the Apple Store on April 3, 2010 and purchased three of them. (At the time, we were buying so many Mac minis locally that the business guys would sort of sneak me in the back door to skip the lines for new product releases. I don’t think they’re allowed to do that anymore.)

I enjoyed the iPad, though I really found a place for it when they released the iPad mini a couple years later.

Again, I walked in the first day the iPad mini was available (Nov 2 2012) and purchased one. I’ve been an iPad mini user ever since.

The Golden era of being an iPad mini user was November 2013. Apple released an iPad mini and iPad Air and they were “two sizes of the same iPad.” For once, you didn’t have to sacrifice power for size.

The current iPad mini was released in September 2015. Again, I bought one the first day it was available and used it until it broke, then I purchased a second one and have been using it ever since.

In that time, I tried an iPad Air 2, an iPad Pro (12.9-in) as well as the iPad Pro (9.7-in) but always came back to the mini life. I like the size, I’m not an Apple Pencil or external keyboard user, and the power boost of the large iPads were great, but not enough of a draw for me.

I’m afraid this all changes with the iPad Pro 10.5-in. I received it today.

Jumping from an iPad mini to this newest iPad Pro is no small jump. It’s a huge jump. Like, “huge enough to make the jump” huge.

See the Geekbench scores below.

iPad mini 4 on the left and the iPad Pro on the right.

It’s even more apparent in the compute Metal Score. The iPad mini is 4802. The iPad Pro is 27530. That is not a typo.

These numbers are just too big to ignore. I’ll sacrifice my favorite size in order to enjoy the power because for the first time I’m feeling left out while using the iPad mini.

Luckily, it’s more than just power that will ease the transition. There are a number of improvements. In addition to the incredible screen brightness and refresh rate, I really appreciate the thinner bezels on the newest iPad Pro that are similar to the iPad mini.

New iPad Pro and iPad mini on top showing off their thinner bezels

The iPhone 7 has spoiled me with sound coming from both ends of the device The iPad Pro offers four speaker audio.

I’m not sure if they’ll ever introduce another iPad mini. At Apple, minis of any kind tend to be ignored. If they do make a fifth generation then I will certainly take another look. In the mean time it’s nice to know I’ll have a future-proof iPad in my workflow.