The Stucki Boys


Many of you know already, but Candace had our second son on Tuesday. His name is Will and weighs in at 9lbs and 7oz.

Cole went to meet his brother last night so here is the obligatory hospital photo. So far, Cole is glad to have “Baby Wiw” and just wants to hold him and pat his face.

Candace is doing well after the planned c-section. She should be able to come today. And that’s a good thing because we miss mom.


  1. What a GREAT picture! The Stucki men. I can see Cole being the sweetest big brother, and now maybe he’ll have someone to hold his hand since Lucy won’t! Welcome Baby Will!

  2. holy cow, Cole really shows his ‘george’ side in this pic. the straight smile, the messed up hair, the perfectly curved eye-brows, and the perfectly symmetrical U shaped face. looks as though they modeled curious george right after him…

  3. I have been cheating and checking your blog frequently since you don’t answer your phone! Right now I am listening to Evan’s lullaby – waaahhh! (get the hankie Martha!) What a sweet story and a great song.

    Baby Will is just tooo cute! Hoping all is well and call me when you are ready for meals! Love you guys. Tammy Roberts

  4. Shaun, totally a Curious George look there. Good eye.

    Tammy, did you just scold me on my own blog? I’m not sure that’s allowed. =) My guess is you may be calling Candace’s phone number so she hasn’t been answering much. I’ll give you a call.
    And thanks for the note on Evan’s Lullaby. That is very special song to me.

  5. Hi Brian

    You probably have forgotten who I am. I’m Jayci and Tessa’s mom. Once in a while I look at all the bloggs and am always amazed at how quickly families change and grow and how busy you all are. Congratulation on your new son. Say hi to all your family. Best Wishes.

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