1. “We need a pitcher not a belly itcher!” Tyler and Hailey will yell that a gazilion times for you. They just learned it and think they are so smart.

  2. problem with this set up, you can have a game with a pitcher and a catcher but its a lot harder to have a game with a catcher and a first-baseman. so if you’re gonna pitch and candace is gonna hit, you’ve got to have those crossed off too. otherwise its just 2 boys sitting there waiting for something to happen. lol

  3. Have no fear Shaun, I’m just crossing off the list as they come. For now, I’ll just place the two of them 90 ft away and have them practice the home to first throw for a few hours a day.

    @Candace, I think that’s a good idea. Let’s bring little slim to Fenway Park next week to get familiar with the roar of the Boston crowd.

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