Gems General

Old Gems Re-polished

It has been a while since I posted some gems so I thought that I’d share a couple. How about a couple remixes that i have found recently?

I’ve written before about how much I enjoy Jack Johnson’s music. He’s got a clean voice and great guitar. Well, I was listening to an advance copy of of the Black Eyed Peas album that comes out in a couple weeks, and they have a song that they did with Jack Johnson. It’s actually a remix of Jack’s “Gone” song. This version is called “Gone Going“. It’s good (as is the rest of the new Album. You can pre-order it here.

Another nice remix I’ve found is part of a project called “Motown Remixed”. They take all of the great motown songs and do them up just right. My favorite is the remix of Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back“. What an awesome guitar redo!! You can purchase the whole album at their website here.

Jackson 5

As always, I am always looking for new music if there are any suggestions of little known artists with big time talent.


Manly Things

Yesterday morning, a buddy and I boarded a boat and went deep sea fishing in the Pacific Ocean. It was a good time. The fun thing about fishing in the ocean is that there is no boundaries. You can catch just about anything, any size anywhere. Some of the fish we brought up were so ugly. But equally as strange were the other folks that were on the fishing boat with us. Only a percentage of us on the boat were actually tourists, but many of the others seemed to be people who would get on these boats to catch fish that they could sell. All kinds of strange sea creatures on and off the boat.

I met one kid that was super nice and friendly. He and I sampled the on board cuisine at the snack bar. Cheeseburgers, grilled cheese and candy bars. He was cool.

But there was another kid that just gave me the creeps. Rich and I decided that he was a serial killer in the making. Each time the deckhands would cut up the squids for bait, this kid would put a little cup next to the cutting boards so he could collect the guts. In this picture of me, you can see him at the bait station torturing live fish. He’s wearing a light brown hat, and pinching the live fish with pliers. The kid was a little Fu-Reek-eee!! The second picture is Rich in his gilligan hat.



But overall, it was a good time.

Last night we wanted to go and see a movie called, “Enron: The Smartest Guys in The Room”. It is a documentary about the fall of Enron that is playing in select cities. It’s a “NR” movie, but we wondered if their was anything that could be improper in it. Rich, Mike and I got there a little early so that we could talk to the people at the theatre and inquire about the movie. I found a couple young guys that were employees. I asked them if they had seen the movie and they confirmed that they had.

“I know it’s not rated, but is there anything bad in there like nudity or bad language?”, I asked

“Yeah, there is some scenes in a strip joint, but only for a couple minutes. And the language isn’t too bad, just here and there.” they answered

“Oh, but there is some in the movie?” I repeated

“Yeah, but it’s not that much. What do you guys have a kid with you or something?”

We laughed when they asked that.

We said no and tried to explain that we just try to find movies that don’t have that type of content, then thanked them and left. It was very hard for them to understand. Then Richard pointed out that they probably thought it was something else. He pointed out that we were “three grown men out together who didn’t want to see a video with a naked woman in it and instead went out to dinner together.”

It’s funny how keeping one moral standard can make it look as if you are breaking another.


Girls like Guys with skills

Especially dancing skills.

Since I have posted a few times about Napolean Dynamite on this site, I thought that I would add this one too. Here is a nice little tutorial about how to dance like Napolean.

And if the dancing doesn’t work to get the girls, money and gifts will. So make some sweet mula with Uncle Rico and catch her a delicious bass.

The dance instruction video can be seen here


Lucky Duck

I have posted before about the lake behind my house. Well, a few weeks ago I walked out my front door to a very agressive duck sitting there. I thought that was kind of strange, but definitely understandable considering the lake.

A week later, I pull up to the house in my truck, and watch this same duck waddle down the sidewalk, up to our house, and duck (pun intended) under the bush in our front yard. At that point, I was curious. I got out of my truck and went on a “duck hunt”. (great game!!) The bush goes all the way to the ground so I picked up the corner of the lowest branch and lifted it up. I admit that I jumped back a bit because the duck was sitting RIGHT THERE and hissed at me. (Yes, ducks hiss.)

I have been checking up on the duck and her eggs. I didn’t want any wild cats to attack or anything.

Well, today i lifted up the bush and saw an empty nest. Well almost empty. There was one egg left.


So I went to the back porch and took a gander (pun intended), and sure enough, there was my little family of ducks swimming around. It was funny because the body of the ducklings was so small, and their necks so short, so when they lowered their head to eat food in the water, their bodies would tip forward and force them off balance. I was like a proud father. Maybe I can be the godfather…er…goddrake.



One More thing I want

A while back, I came across some really cool pictures on They are pictures taken with a high speed camera as a bullet passes thru different items.

I want a high speed camera. I NEED a high speed camera.

You can see them here


A Time Killer

Next time you are sitting in the DMV, and you want something to do. You can try making one of these little fellas.


There is only one step that is a little tough, but overall it’s not too bad. You can find the instructions here

If you know of more dollar bill origamis somewhere online, post them in the comments. It would be fun to have a few of these tricks.


Two Sides of Every Story

I read the local, national, and world news every morning. Maybe that is an old guy thing to do, but I like to keep informed and enjoy taking part in intelligent conversation. Like everyone, I form opinions while I read. Any man who will marry the runaway bride deserves what is coming to him. Las vegas does deserve a baseball team because the argument against gambling no longer holds weight because anyone can bet from anywhere on the internet. Finally, Iraq has become uglier then we expected, but I still believe that we are doing the right thing and I am optimistic that it will be effective.

However, I guess it is only fair to see both sides of the story. I recently saw a news broadcast from Iraq that helps.

You can watch the broadcast here.

(You will need Quicktime to watch this movie.)


My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Last night I checked off an item in my “Things to do before I die” list. I went to watch Willie Nelson in concert. I was really excited to go to this concert. In fact, I grew out a mustache just for the occasion so that I could fit in with the crowd a little better. I looked more like “Chester, the child Molestor” then a cowboy, but oh well. The concert was great. There was a real mixed crowd. Willie Nelson sounded better then my highest expectations. His voice has just gotten more pure and deep as he gets older. His guitar sounded great…even with the trademark hole in the body of the guitar. At age 72, his body is getting old, but he can play the guitar as good as ever.


Now that I’ve seen Willie Nelson in concert, I wondered who else I’d like to see. So far I’ve seen.

Willie Nelson
James Taylor (9 times)
John Mayer (2 times)
Michael Jackson
George Strait
Tim McGraw
Faith HIll
Bone Thugs N Harmony
LL Cool J
Jackson Five
Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Britney Spears
Whitney Houston
Garth Brooks
Maroon 5
Tracy Byrd
Chris Ledoux
Mark Chestnut
Liza Minelli
Dashboard Confessionals
Dave Matthews Band

But I’d still like to see:
Merle Haggard
Jack Johnson
David Allan Coe
Jimmy Buffet
Snoop Dogg
Billy Joel
Paul Simon
Norah Jones
Tupac (I’m still holding onto hope on this one)

Has anyone seen these artists in concert? If so, what was it like? Who should I add to my list?

Last night, David Allan Coe was crossed off the list. Wow, he was good. So country.


(Yes, he’s the one with the long red hair. We weren’t allowed to take pictures so this was the only photo I could sneak in.)


Other Phrases I Dislike

Earlier I wrote a post talking about a pet peeve that I have. I mentioned that I didn’t like the phrase, “I have a question for you. Call me Back”. I basically mentioned that when I get a message like that on my machine, I usually don’t call the person back. (of course there are exceptions) I like a detailed message. It doesn’t have to be long, but I do like it descriptive. You can read the post here if you want more detail. Since that post, I’ve appreciated the friends and family that have been leaving great messages.

Since that writing, I have determined three other phrases that bother me. For your information, they are:

“Missed you last time” – You hear this at church, or meetings, or when you skip a class. I don’t like this phrase because the underlining question is “Where were you last week”. And more often then not, people usually answer it that way. The usual answer is, “Oh yeah, I was in _______ doing ______”. I don’t know, maybe I just have a hard time when I get the feeling that I am reporting to someone. My usual response to “Missed you last time” is “Oh, thanks.”

“Who all is going to be there?” – First of all, I don’t think that is proper grammar. Secondly, anytime I put together a party or get together of some sort, I would call people and invite them. Usually, before they would say yes or no, I would hear “Who all is going to be there?”. I’m sure it’s usually innocent curiosity, but my friend and I have determined that it comes across more like, “Because your presence and the activity is not enough, who will be there that is going to make it worth my time?” If you must know who else will be there, my opinion is that you first tell the inviter that you will be coming and second say something like, “I’m excited, should I let others know? Who have you invited already?”

“Good luck with that.” – While I’m obviously not against people wishing others good luck, I just prefer it to be more specific. That is a very broad way to say it, and to me it comes across as uninterested. When I hear this phrase, I picture a homely boy trying to impress a girl with all kinds of information and future plans, and her response on the way out the door is, “Good luck with that.” If you really have positive and honest intentions, I prefer something like, “Good luck with the _________” followed by some sort of encouragement or compliment. If you are just saying “good luck with that” as a closer, even though you don’t mean it, I’d rather hear nothing at all.

I know these phrases are random, and nit picky, but they are just my pet peeves. They probably don’t bother the common person. But I’m sure you have phrases that bother you. Feel free to share them.