To Give You A Laugh When You Need It

I have added a feature to the blog that I hope will be enjoyable. If you look at the top of the sidebar on the right, you will see “Mitch Hedberg Quote”, followed by a quote. Those quotes are from the acts of my favorite comedian, Mitch Hedberg. (Well, I guess I can’t say favorite because he is tied for first with Bill Cosby.)

Mitch Hedberg was a very original comedian. His style was absolutely unique. He was the master of observing every day things in a funny way. He saw things that you and I miss.

I speak past tense because Mitch Hedberg died on March 30 of this year. I was sad when I heard that.

Sometimes it helps to know what Mitch Hedberg sounds like. You can hear sample of it here.This is when he was on the David Letterman show a few years ago. Quite funny.

I hope you enjoy the quotes. Each time you refresh the page, the quote will change. Do it as many times as you’d like. It pulls from a database I put together of about 250 quotes so it’ll be a while before you see one for the second time. I figured this was a good releif for the readers when my writing is not up to par.

One more thing you should know. Mitch, while incredibly funny, did use some language in his live shows. He doesn’t do immoral or racy topics at all, but there is cussing. So if you get his cd’s, be prepared. I’ve cleaned up the quotes in my database so you shouldn’t see any there. (Please tell me if you do.)

Update: I’ve removed this feature from my blog.


Over the Rivers and thru the Woods

Well, as you can tell, I didn’t do as well as I thought I would with blogging from Europe. It was very much a whirlwind trip. We didn’t slow down long enough to even write. We would wake up in one country, and be four countries away by the time we went to sleep. It was great fun. If I could share just a few highlights.

After a couple nights in London, my siblings (Jamie and Kyle), my mother, and I took off for our trip. We flew from London to Rome. Hopping countries in Europe is like hopping states here. It is strange how far you can go in such a short time.

We landed into Rome and there had our first meeting being in a country that didn’t speak English regularly. I do say that ALOT more people knew English then I anticipated, but it was still an experience.

Our first matter of business was to get into town and then find the Coliseum. When we finally found the right trains and we got off at the Coliseum subway stop, we were anticipating a bit of searching to find it. We were absolutely wrong. Right when you come out of the station doors, it is there in absolute majesty. I have written before about things that do not disappoint when you experience them for the first time. The list is short. But along with hot air balloon rides and the Grand Canyon, the Coliseum does not disappoint. We got there just as the sun was setting and illuminating the Coliseum walls.

The next day we visited the Sistine Chapel and the rest of the beautiful buildings in Vatican City. The Sistine Chapel was nice. (Good work Michelangelo) But the hallway leading to the chapel was magnificent.

We came out of the Vatican to a crowd of people in the big square. After going thru a couple shops, we saw the Pope riding around on the Pope-mobile . He was waving to the crowd and making his way to the front. It was pretty interesting and great timing.

That evening we took a train up to Venice. Now that was an interesting city. We walked thru the whole island, following the signs to the cathedral. When we got there, we were so interested in the birds that we didn’t spend alot of time looking at the cathedral. The birds were fun. Jamie wouldn’t play with them, But kyle, mom, and I had a few bags of seed each and we threw a bird party. I put seeds on Kyle’s head and birds went in for the meal. We were surrounded by hundreds of birds. It was fun.

We took the busboat back to the train station. The boat stopped every couple blocks and picked people up from floating bus stops. How strange that people actually live there.

We took the train thru the night and woke up in Bern, Switzerland. After finding out that there was a big music festival in town and all hotel rooms were filled, we got back on the train and went to a town out of the story books.

Interlaken, Switzerland has got to be the most beautiful place on earth. Surrounded by the towering Swiss Alps, divided by rivers of water pure as diamonds, and decorated with green plants and flowers everywhere. I wondered if people there feared death because they would have to “downgrade” to heaven. Just being there and walking the streets was a very neat experience.

The next morning, back to Bern. The streets were bustling and we were ready to explore. My family comes from this area and we were very excited to see how common the name was there still. We visited a big cathedral that towers over the city. We went inside and found a plaque and there on the list of the remembered were two Stucki names. Dated 1798. That was exciting. Oh yeah, the chapel was neat too.

Switzerland is such a neat country. Everything is clean, organized, and effective. We visited the beautiful LDS temple and felt proud that our family were among the early pioneers that built faith that matured to a temple.

After Bern, we flew back into London. We had a day there so we watched “The Phantom Of The Opera” in Her Majesty’s Theatre. We took in the sights and sounds of London and then the next day we were ready to have the pleasures of America again.

As you can imagine, we did much more and saw alot. These are the things I enjoyed the most. We ended up with 540 pictures. (Thank goodness for digital cameras!!) I will attach a few pictures here and I plan to make a hard cover book out of the rest of them.


Las Vegas to London

I am in the South Kensington area of London. Jamie has been living here for school and we are in a hotel on the same block. This is a very nice part of London, and probably the favorite area that I’ve seen in both times I’ve been here.

We have seen alot in the last few days. Alot of the fun was getting here. A few thoughts:

-Over the weekend in Vegas there were 100 couples married at the same time on Fremont street in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of Las Vegas. 11 of those couples and their friends were on my plane. It was a very worn out crowd.

-We had a layover in Chicago. This is where I met my mother and brother (as they were starting this trip from a different place.) While I was waiting there, I was near one of the moving sidewalks. There was an old bony man that got on, and he was pushing his old “not bony” wife. With the weight of the wheel chair, he was pushing twice his weight easily. Well, they got to the end and he wasn’t quite able to push the chair up the little ramp to come off. It was very funny as more and more people were pushed to the endpressing into each other. It only lasted a few seconds, but everyone was really getting loud and rowdy. Finally there was enough weight pushing on the back of them to pop the chair up and off. Tempers flared, but I noticed that not one person was intelligent enough to start walking in the other direction. Even if they couldn’t walk faster then the machine at least they would stay in the same place.

-We’ve done most of the tourist stuff here in London. I enjoy the history very much. Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abby, London Tower with the crowned jewels, etc. I will post some pictures when I am able to.

-The fast food places here don’t serve your drink with ice. NO ICE! I am told that the customers feel that they are getting ripped off when they put ice in the cup because it displaces the soda. I’m not so down with that.

” Would you like anything else with your meal?”

“Yes, a cup of ice, and a pot holder for the mean time.”

Tomorrow we start our whirlwind trip thru the rest of Europe. We are hoping for 6 cities in 6 nights.


Out With The Old

It’s obvious that cell phones have changed the way that the world operates quite a bit. In business and personal lives, people are more reachable and more productive in places and times that they would not have been before.

But coming into the new, usually means changing or losing the old. The other day I was thinking of a list of things that have been altered or lost since cell phones became the norm. Things that might not be real obvious. (I won’t be including the “ability to drive well” as being lost…although it is true and accurate. I just want to be more specific.)

In no particular order:

1) We’ve lost the ability/purpose of remembering phone numbers. With a built in phonebook, less and less people remember any phone numbers at all. This becomes brutally obvious to us when we lose our cell phone and need to call someone.

2) We’ve lost the two most popular excuses for getting off a phone when we don’t want to talk to someone. “I can’t talk because I’m on the other line long distance.” and “I can’t talk because I’m just heading out the door.”

3) There is no real purpose to call and say goodbye before a trip. I have a friend who recently got a call from a lady out of state that said she “was just calling to say goodbye before she heads out to the East Coast.” What, they don’t have cell service in Maine? Do the lobsters confiscate your phone when you get off the plane? What’s the difference between calling from two states away and calling from 10 states away? Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to hear from friends before and during their trips. But just call to say hi from wherever you are.

4) No more pebbles to windows. Every young man is glad that they no longer have to sneak up to a house and throw pebbles to a girl’s window…hoping not to be heard by their father. Just call her cell from the car.

5) Overall, we’ve been stumbling on the ability to meet people in public places. Sitting at the DMV. Or riding on the bus. Or sitting in a fast food place. Or attending a convention. These used to be places you could meet new people and friends. Now it’s much more common that people will immediately turn to their cell phones instead of meeting those around them. In my opinion, we miss out on alot.

6) Short phone calls are less common. I actually like this one. you no longer have to call just to tell someone you’ll be there in five minutes. You don’t have to call to tell them the score of the game. Text messaging is so much easier. This morning I wanted to warn my family not to take the freeway because of a bad accident. I wrote one text message and sent it out to all of them.

7) For the most part, long distance charges is no longer a concern. (If it is a concern, then you’re getting a bad phone plan.) I was listening to a rap song from the mid 90’s and he said “I call you up long distance on the phone. But that ain’t nothing, it’s worth every bone” Besides being bad grammar and poor talent, the compliment would hold little weight today.

Those are the ones that I can think of right now. I’ll add more if I can think of them. Feel free to add more in the comments if I missed any.

Gems General

Wiggle Baby (updated)

I know that alot of you aren’t familiar with my family, but forgive me for a personal beginning. It’s about a cute baby doing cute things. (If you don’t like that, make sure you have a heart.) You can skip to the end for a couple gems.

My sister had a baby about 7 months ago and she is becoming more and more fun by the week.


One of the entertaining things she does is the “Wiggle Wiggle Dance”. Last night my mom and I were babysitting her for a bit, and she was in a very wiggle mood. I pulled out my camera and took a short clip of her doing the wiggle, then of course made it in to her first music video. Complete with a nice little “My Little Pony” microphone. You can see it here. (It may take a minute to load. Sorry if you have dial up internet)

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that we better keep Maddie out of California. In California there was a law created in 1925 that makes it illegal to wiggle while dancing.

Other then that, here is a few suggestions to check out.

The gems of the week are songs that repeat lines over and over. You know you have a good sound when you can repeat the same line again and again and still have a good song. I’m not quite there with my music, but I’d like to be. These two guys are.

The Perishers with “Nothing Like You And I“. Buy it here.

Damien Rice with “The Blowers Daughter“. Buy the album here.

For those of you with itunes on an Apple, you should check out the free visualizer called Fountain Music from the Apple website. It’s easy to install, and gives a cool show when you are listening to music on itunes.

Finally, if you are looking for the coolest desktop picture to put on your computer, look no futher. Get it here.