Dashboard Mosaic Complete

It’s been a while since the dashboard contest started and ended, and this is what I have concluded.

1) I’m not as artisitic as I thought.
2) There are alot of really cool widgets out there that I have never seen.

I did make one poster that I will share. But I would really like to make these screenshots available to everyone to see what else could be made. I have them in a 200MB zip folder. If anyone is handy with torrents, or have any other suggestions, contact me. I’d love to get them out there.

Either way, here is what I was able to do. Here is a picture of Steve Jobs in his younger days.

And here is my mosaic poster (downsized of course)


Here is a link for the full size poster Contact me if you’d like the poster, I think you will be very impressed at the detail of the dashboard shots when you zoom in on the poster.

That was a fun project, like I said, I’d love to see others use the screenshots and post image links here. We just have to find a way to get them distributed. I took the 500 best ones and made them 800 pixels wide. That made the zip file much smaller and they are still plenty big for mosaic tiles. You can grab them here. (Warning: 150MB download. Thanks Dagfinn for hosting.)

Please post back your results.

PS: Some people have been asking which program I used. I found MozoDojo to be the best one.


One of the best parts about owning a Mac computer is the amazing choice of freeware that is available. (Freeware is free software.) These are usually from developers that write an application, and then just share it with the rest of the Mac community. But sometimes it is also big companies that give free versions of their major software.

In an effort to find and use the best freeware, Richard and I have launched I think that it will prove to be useful to the Mac community.

If you have a Mac, check it out. If you don’t have a Mac, check it out and see what you’re missing. =)

There is also a RSS feed so you can keep up with the updates. RSS feed for is here.


Doing One Thing Great

Yesterday my grandpa asked me if I could set him up to do some online banking transfers. After working with it for a while, I was not able to do it. However, it was not due to anything on our side. The bank had made some mistakes in the last month that made it impossible. I reported to my grandpa that it was unsuccessful because the bank had made some mistakes on his account. He was not happy to hear that. He asked me to stay in the room as he called the bank in case I had to give any details about what happened. I was glad he did.

My grandpa has been practicing law in Las Vegas for over 35 years. He is respected in the city for his skill and his ethics. He spent a while on the phone with the bank and I just enjoyed listening to how he handled the conversation. His conversation was smooth. He increased volume at the right time, made the proper points, demanded the perfect answers, and gave the proper respect. It was very much a work of verbal art. He eventually got everything straightened out and they very much pampered him and his account.

I bring this up because I was so impressed at how “great” he was at conversation. And I was surprised at how mesmerized I was at listening.

When someone is great at something, no matter what it is, it is a treat to watch. It can really be anything. But when someone is great at it, you don’t have to be told. Even if it is an art, practice, or skill that you have never seen, you can tell that they are great at it. I’ve seen great wood carvers, bee keepers, chefs and carpet layers. I’m not familiar with these fields, but I could tell that they were great at them.

I feel like I can do alot of things well. But I don’t think that I do anything great. (I know that mom, wife and sisters will disagree with me here. Thanks. But it’s ok. I’ve come to terms with it.)

From what I can see, doing something “great” requires:
1) a good amount of time and practice
2) some sort of love for it
3) some sort of sacrifice
4) some natural talent in the area

I think that I’ll try to find something that I can work on until I do it great. Perhaps you can share what you do great to inspire me. I could use the ideas.


Dashboard Submissions Complete

Thank you to all that helped by sending in screenshots. There was really good support. We ended up with 1160 individual screenshots. Wow. I thought that I had a pretty good idea of the widgets available to Tiger users, but there were alot that I had never seen.

The most screenshots came from Mike Libby. He sent in 212 very unique shots. So unique in fact that I wrote to him and asked how he did it. His one line response was “English 210 was very very boring last week.”


Mike will be receiving the iTMS gift certificate for his time.

The “Random Submitter” certificate will be going to Brian Waldman.

Thanks again for your submissions. I will begin the work on the mosaic poster and desktop and post when it is available. If you have a suggestion that may serve as a good image to build the mosaic on, feel free to send it in ( link to it in the comments.


Dashboard Contest (updated)

I have been requesting help from the online Mac community, and most have been coming here for further clarification. I thought that I would write a quick post for those coming here on account of the competition:

For those who are using Macs running Tiger, I am looking to collect as many different dashboard variations screenshots as possible. In order to do this, I am offering a prize.

To take a screenshot, activate dashboard then push Cmd+Shift+3. The screen shot will be saved to your desktop. Attach that screenshot to a email and send to “” with “Dashboard” in the subject line.

1) Any Screen Resolution is ok.
2) Send in as many as you’d like, but be sure that each one is different. (change out widgets, move them around, or have a different desktop behind the dashboard.)
3) Please be aware of any personal info you may have on your dashboard, such as a WAN ip address.
4) Multiple submissions will be grouped by email address so be sure to send from the same address each time. More then one screenshot per email is ok.
5) The contest will end Monday Aug, 15, 2005.

A $30 iTunes Music Store gift certificate will be given to the person that sends in the most screenshots of different Dashboard variations.

Also, another $30 iTunes Music Store gift certificate will be given to a random submitter. (Each person will have the same chance, no matter the amount of screenshots they sent in.)

Good luck to all those that have already submitted, and those who will be joining them.

Update: I have had some questions as to why I want these. I should have said it in the first place. I intend to make Mosaic type posters, using all the screen shots as tiles. I always thought that it would be neat to have a poster like that hanging in my office…but was never fully eager to do all the screen shots myself, as it would take a long long time. I am hoping for a good variety of background colors behind the dashboard as well to fill colors nicely.

I do intend to make the image file available to the public in case they want to print off their own poster.

We’ve had good submissions so far. Keep them coming!

Update 2- The contest is now complete. See here for details