Anyone Want Me To Visit?

I went to New York City for a Michael Jackson concert. I left then the next day the twin towers were attacked.

I went to visit the beautiful ruins in Palenque, MX and the next month there was a earthquake.

I went to London to pick up my sister from school and a few weeks later the London Underground was bombed.

A couple weeks ago I visited San Francisco and yesterday there was a landslide in the city near North Beach.

Next week I go to Philadelphia and Washington, DC and I come home on March 12th. If you’re going to be in that area, be sure to leave the same time I do.


A Quick Report Of The Trip

Our trip to San Franciso went well. The concert with James Taylor was really good. He was in top form on the guitar and in his showmanship.

We had great weather. In fact, when we went up to Battery Spencer, it was probably the best weather I’ve ever had up there. That was the same place that I visited many times on my mission and plenty times since. That is also the place that Candace and I were engaged. I think it is one of the top three scenic views in the world.

Below is the panorama picture that I took while up there. It is actually 5 photos merged together and the extra large version has more detail. I did post a few other pictures if San Francisco on my photoblog if you’d like to see those.

Battery Spencer Panorama


Flowers In My Hair…Check

Tomorrow, Candace and I are going to head to San Francisco with The Sorensens. I’m always excited to go to San Francisco and eat at El Farolito’s, but this time I am especially excited. I get to go and see James Taylor.


This is my tenth time seeing JT, but this time it is special for a few reasons.

1) Candace has never been to one of his concerts but she’ll be going with me this time. (Baby slim will be there too…but I don’t know how much he’ll hear.)

2) He usually plays large stadiums, but this time he is playing at the Orpheum Theater. This is a small venue that only holds a couple thousand people.

3) James Taylor concerts make me giddy like a school girl.

4) I’ll be sitting front row. I’ve never sat this close before. For so many years I have been trying to make my guitar style sound like his and finally I’ll be close enough to see if I have the correct technique.

5) The final song of a JT concert is always a bitter sweet for me. He usually plays “You Can Close Your Eyes“, which is my favorite song. But, that also means that the concert is over. This time the concert will end, but I’ll still be in San Francisco so that helps.


My First Shots From The Studio

A couple nights ago, Candace helped me sew the black backdrop for the studio. After we were done, we decided to jump in and try it out. We just wore what we had on from work that day and hopped under the bright lights.

Like I said earlier, this is my first time working in a real studio with lights. It’s a little harder than I was expecting. My first problem was how bright the umbrellas would reflect the light. I read up a lot and I think I figured that out a little. Also, a big thanks goes to my dad for building me a power strip that could alter the power and dim the lights to what I need. I hope I’m as smart as him when my little boy asks me something.

So here are the photos. From them, we learn two things:

  1. It is embarrassingly obvious that I belong behind the lens, not in front of it. Please don’t accuse me of trying to “bring sexy back”. (I just used that line on purpose to show how much I’m not trying to be cool in these pictures.)
  2. Candace, 5 1/2 months pregnant and after a full day of work, is still as beautiful as ever.

I’d be interested to hear what anyone has to say about the lighting or the post-processing. I’d like to fine tune this hobby.

Brian In Red

Candace In Gold

Black Jacket


My “Two Said” Rule

My rule is simple. If a story begins with the word “said” twice in the first sentence, you must be very cautious with the rest of the story.


“Mike said that Tony said that…..”

When a conversation starts that way, always remember that it means you are going to be four people removed from the source. As many times I’ve allowed myself to brush off this rule, it continually comes back to prove it’s worth. Feel free to adopt it.


More Talent Than I Have

I’ve come to terms with the fact that there are at least three things that I’ll never be able to do well.

  • Play soccer
  • Cut hair
  • Draw

Because I know I’ll never do these things well, I admire those who can do them. One of those admirable people is Kevin Greene. I’ve never actually met Kevin, but he is a reader of my blog about The Office. A while back, he sent me a drawing of Jim Halpert, who is a character on the show. I thought it was great and I asked him if he did work for others. He said that he didn’t really, but he wouldn’t mind drawing a caricature of Candace and I if I sent him some pictures. He said he’d do it in appreciation for all the work I do on the blog, but I paid him anyway.

Here is what he sent me. I think it is awesome.


A Studio In My Home

During the last year, I’ve gotten more and more into photography. First, I spent some wedding money on a nice camera. Then, I read and read and read books about photography. And now, I’m so excited to have my own studio in my home.

Imostly bought the stuff so that I’d have a nice place to take family pictures when my new baby boy is born in June. It’s not super high end stuff, but I think it’s everything I’ll need to produce nice photos.

Following are a couple photos of the studio. It’s actually built in my gallery so the room kind of has a double purpose. I suppose it represents the full life cycle of my photos. It’s difficult to take a photo of the studio because the nice camera is IN the picture. But, I pulled out the old point and shoot camera so I could take a picture anyway.