Family General

Stucki Halloween 2007

Last night, Candace threw a super halloween party for our family. I think she officially became the Halloween Queen with all of her eyeball desserts and with finger cookies. Hopefully she’ll share her secrets on her blog.

I was only in charge of the photos.

The Stucki Pirates


My Mommy Poppins and Stan The Chimney Sweep


Little Red Riding Grandma and The Big Bad Wolf Grandpa


The Harris Hefners


Augustus Kyle and Amberpatra


Cole General

Four Months With My Cole Boy

Cole turns four months old today. Everyday it gets more and more fun to be with him. Candace and I feel incredibly lucky to have such a pleasant child. I love that he is observant and patient with the world around him.

Yesterday we took him to the park. We let him roll around on a blanket and watch the birds. He especially liked watching the cars as they drove by on the road.



General Spiritual

It Takes Work To Remember

Last night I went to sleep with a canker sore in my mouth that hurt so bad it seemed to define my existence. Today, I woke up and it was all healed. I had completely forgotten about it until I saw the numbing medicine on the counter.

Two months ago I was so tired of the irritation and work it took to have good sight and wear contacts that I was ready to pay nearly anything to avoid it. I had PRK surgery and now I don’t even remember what it was like to wear contacts. I don’t even realize I’m without the contact removal in my nightly routine.

Two weeks ago I wanted so badly to be in better tune with the Spirit so I could help a loved one in a time of need. I prayed fervently for it. Yesterday I caught myself thinking, “I guess it’s okay to skip one day of scripture study because I’m really making progress on this work project.”

My point is that humans are incredibly good at forgetting things that just recently were a big focus point in their lives. The scriptures are full of examples of “how quick the children of men do forget the Lord their God, yea, how quick to do iniquity, and to be led away by the evil one.”(ref) One of the saddest scriptures I know refers to the end of the thousands years that Christ will rule on this earth in righteousness and satan will be bound. After all that time with the Savior, the thousand years will end and men will “again begin to deny their God.” (ref) How is that even possible to forget after all that time?

I think that writing in your journal is the best way to fight our forgetful nature. But I also believe that remembrance is a gift of the Spirit that should be prayed for constantly….if we can remember to do it.

General Sports

Good Day For Red Sox Fans

Candace and I were so excited to watch the Red Sox win the AL East pennant on Friday night. Once they won their game, we were waiting on every pitch to see if the Yankees were going to lose. As soon as they did, it clinched the division for Boston. (Even Cole was excited. He hasn’t missed a Red Sox game since he’s been alive you know.) We’re also excited because their first round is with Anaheim so Candace and I are going down this weekend to watch the Sox and the Angels play.

But even we weren’t excited as the Red Sox themselves were that night. After their game in Boston, they stayed in the locker room and watched the Yankees game until they lost. Once that happened an hour later, they rolled back out to the field and there were still thousands of fans there who were also celebrating.

The best part of the evening is the way the team celebrated. Their care free nature is part of the reason I follow the team so closely. Below is a video of their celebration. Even if you aren’t a baseball fan, you’ll probably appreciate the dancing. Kevin Youkilis is one of the best first basemen in baseball. He has zero errors this year (a new AL record) and a high batting average. Jonathan Papelbon is one of the most intimidating and successful closers in baseball. But in this clip, they’re both little kids celebrating their win. (Be sure to stick thru to the last half. The second dance is the winner.)