• Cole Growing Up

    Cole is fast approaching 6 months. He is playful and kind. He smiles within 15 seconds of waking up and doesn’t stop all day. (I think he gets that from Candace.) Click on the image below to watch a short clip Cole talking and laughing with his mom.

  • It’s Not Me

    I wish they’d solve the Holloway case soon. Each time I open up CNN it seems like I’m looking into a mirror from a few years ago . The “you look like…” emails have been pouring in. Don’t they know, if it was me in the picture the ear buds would be white?

  • James Taylor…He Still Has It

    Candace and I went to the James Taylor concert on Saturday night. It was a nice evening. As usual, Candace looked beautiful. As we were wading in the Mandalay Bay of Immodesty , she stood out as a woman of value and morals and that makes me adore her more. Before the show, we ate…

  • Seven Observations

    Every once and a while a blogger just needs to throw up a post of random thoughts. None of these are worthy of posts on their own, but maybe they are interesting enough collectively. I always get a little nervous when I pull onto a city highway and don’t see any cars behind me or…