Cole Growing Up

Cole is fast approaching 6 months. He is playful and kind. He smiles within 15 seconds of waking up and doesn’t stop all day. (I think he gets that from Candace.) Click on the image below to watch a short clip Cole talking and laughing with his mom.



It’s Not Me

I wish they’d solve the Holloway case soon. Each time I open up CNN it seems like I’m looking into a mirror from a few years ago . The “you look like…” emails have been pouring in. Don’t they know, if it was me in the picture the ear buds would be white?

Image Image

James Taylor…He Still Has It

Candace and I went to the James Taylor concert on Saturday night. It was a nice evening. As usual, Candace looked beautiful. As we were wading in the Mandalay Bay of Immodesty , she stood out as a woman of value and morals and that makes me adore her more.

Before the show, we ate dinner with a good friend of mine from the mission field. He is currently a Marine based in Oceanside, CA and he has some great experiences to share. Since he is Tongan, he serves as the official liaison between the US Marines and the Tongan military. He’ll soon be heading to Iraq for a third time for deployment.

This concert was my 12th JT concert and the second one for Candace. I still enjoy hearing him play live because he does such nice remakes of his songs. As I said before, they are “familiar enough to love and new enough to feel like you’re discovering them again.” Also, he is quite a comedian between songs. As usual, he ended the show with my favorite tune and it left me satisfied and smiling.

While I attend a James Taylor concert, I think I stick out just a little. Over the years, I’ve become so familiar with his music that it takes me just a note or two to know which song he is beginning to play. Even if it has a different beginning from the album, I can usually tell by the range or even by the guitar chord he is using. Because of this quick recognition, my cheers come quite a while before the rest of the crowd and I think that embarrasses Candace just a little. But at least JT knows I’m eager with anticipation.

And coincidentally, James Taylor has a new album released today. It is actually a live album and DVD of the show that Candace and I went to while in San Francisco last February.

General Stukism

Seven Observations

Every once and a while a blogger just needs to throw up a post of random thoughts. None of these are worthy of posts on their own, but maybe they are interesting enough collectively.

  • I always get a little nervous when I pull onto a city highway and don’t see any cars behind me or before the next bend in the road. This happens sometimes on I-95 at Charleston even in the middle of the day. Each time, I catch myself wondering what everyone else knows that I don’t.
  • There are few things more enjoyable than watching a baby right on the verge of sleep. When I get to rock Cole to sleep, I love watching his eyes fight sleep until they finally succumb.
  • I wish I didn’t like Sheryl Crow as much as I do. I don’t usually get into that kind of music, but that lady can jam.
  • There is no group of people that I collectively despise more than the TSA. If it wasn’t for one buddy of mine that is a bag scanner, I think it’d be upgraded to hatred. I haven’t lost my temper in years and years, but each time I go thru the airport security I can hardly contain myself. They illustrate that “it is the nature and disposition of almost all men (and women), as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.” There is certainly a better way. San Francisco has a private company do security and it is a wonderful relief to travel there.
  • I believe that habitual tardiness is an external sign of a much larger internal problem. It will have an affect on how you run much of your life.
  • I have a strange habit of picking up on too-often used phrases. I’ve written before about this but I have another one. How come everyone starts their food orders with , “Can I get a…?” Next time you’re at an eating establishment, listen to others when they order. I don’t know why it’s so wide-spread. I prefer, “I’ll have…” After all, you are giving an order, not begging.
  • Did you know that the sheer size of Jupiter protects Earth regularly? The gravitational pull is so strong that it pulls in asteroids and comments that might otherwise make it further into the solar system and endanger us? This fact makes me feel small, but important. Tonight in your prayers, throw a little gratitude up for Jupiter.

Alright, I think I got all the little tidbits out of my system.