• Don C Tingey: A Grandpa and a Hero

    Don C Tingey: A Grandpa and a Hero

    It’s impossible to sum up all that he was to me, and so many others, but I need to record and share some thoughts anyway. He was not perfect (none of us are), but he was so many things that I want to be. Life is definitely darker without any living grandparents.

  • Notes From: South Africa

    Notes From: South Africa

    In our family, the year that a child turns twelve they can choose anywhere in the world for a trip with just me and them. Cole chose Bolivia. Will chose Japan. Samm chose South Africa. Well, here we are.

  • The Legacy of Samuel Stucki

    The Legacy of Samuel Stucki

    Of all the men I’ve never met, perhaps none have influenced my life more directly than Samuel Stucki. He was born 200 years ago today in Switzerland. It was January 18, 1824.

  • How do I know whether the thought I have is my own or if it’s from the Holy Ghost?

    How do I know whether the thought I have is my own or if it’s from the Holy Ghost?

    Highlighting one small lesson from a talk full of great lessons.

  • The Superior Theory

    The Superior Theory

    I’ve formed a theory over the last eight years as I’ve seen struggle in the world, in families, and in personal lives. I call it the “Superior Theory.” I know that’s a pretentious name. How can I come up with a superior theory when the best Einstein did was a theory of relativity? To not…

  • Friends, Faith, and Unfairness

    Friends, Faith, and Unfairness

    A friend of mine recently had some devastating news delivered to his family. I was relieved that he opened up to me and we were able to talk about it. I’ve been so amazed by his resolve. Despite some hard years recently, he remains positive, uplifting and full of faith.  He asked for some things…

  • Still learning from Grandma

    Still learning from Grandma

    Today is Mother’s Day. Tomorrow is my Grandma Stucki’s birthday. She passed away last year. I miss her. I think about her all the time. Grandma had skilled hands. She planted flowers, baked goodies, and crafted porcelain dolls. Some time ago, she combined her talent and her faith for some art projects. One of the…

  • They Stayed Up His Hands

    They Stayed Up His Hands

    One of the most inspired principles in the restoration of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the idea of presidencies. One man or woman is called to lead. It is up to them to make the difficult decision and move the work forward. It is their right to receive revelation over their…

  • Sixteen items of gratitude – Mission edition

    Sixteen items of gratitude – Mission edition

    Since there was so much time in the home office this year, I took the opportunity to scan my mission journal, separate it into days, add it to my current digital journal, and type out the pages so they would be searchable. With 820 pages of written journal, it was a big undertaking and it…

  • Twenty-one random reasons for gratitude

    Twenty-one random reasons for gratitude

    Here are 21 things that I am thankful for in my life: I am thankful for little birds that sit on our back patio and give us all something to smile about.  I am thankful for adults who know how to help kids feel safe and appreciated. It’s a skill I admire. 

  • A Scorecard for Life

    A Scorecard for Life

    I enjoy early morning rounds of golf. The world is still quiet. The course is still calm. The rising sun makes for some beautiful photos. I snap a photo each morning to include in my journal for the day. Sometimes it will be my only good shot of the day. Some time ago, I scored…

  • Hope and Unity in a Divided World

    Hope and Unity in a Divided World

    Many of my friends and family will be returning to worship in church buildings soon. The first step back will be a shortened sacrament meeting with limited attendance. There will also be cautions in place around gathering, the passing of the sacrament, etc. Some actions will feel a little different at first but I am…

  • Will you stand forever?

    Nearly five years ago I sat with Lawrence E Corbridge and others in a church office. He was serving as a General Authority at the time and he was in Las Vegas to organize a new stake. I sat with him on Friday night then again on Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. The next day…

  • Sharing the First Vision in comfortable ways

    Sharing the First Vision in comfortable ways

    A few weeks ago I was sitting in a high council meeting of the Shadow Mountain Stake. I always look forward to these meetings where I can sit with this council. They’ve become such good friends and a critical support for me.  Each time we meet, I invite the members of the council to add…

  • The Christ Child

    This new film tells the Nativity story in the most historically accurate way possible and it’s better because of it. No frills. The visit of the wisemen was powerful in a way I’ve never appreciated before. What a gift! I’m looking forward to the Christmas season and all that comes with it.

  • The Power of Repetitious Teaching

    The Power of Repetitious Teaching

    Note: A portion of a talk I gave at the Shadow Mountain Stake Conference held May 2019 in Las Vegas, NV. — I recently conducted a social experiment on my children. Wait, let me phrase that another way. I recently taught my children something new. About a year ago, I decided that I wanted to…

  • A look at the 1984 General Conference

    A few years ago, I wrote about the conference session during which Thomas S Monson was sustained as an Apostle. It was in 1963. Recently, I viewed the April 1984 conference session to refresh my memory on the day that President Russell M Nelson was sustained as an Apostle. I love to observe the process…

  • Millions shall know…

    This week I turned 14,066 days old; the exact same age as Joseph Smith when he was martyred for his faith in 1844. It’s amazing to think of all he did in such a short time. He was a prophet and so much more. He built cities and temples as he built women and men.…

  • The inspiring true story of the Restoration

    There is a popular phrase that warns not to “miss the forest for the trees.” It implies that someone might be missing the bigger, more grand picture because they are obsessed too much on a minor detail. For instance, I recently took this picture while visiting Cuba. All I see in this picture is the…

  • Even in difficult times we can become better people

    If you prefer pessimism, it’s easier than ever to find reasons for it. If you go seeking (or if an algorithm decides to bring it to you), you can find sadness and plenty of divisive issues. As if that’s not enough, it compounds when you find a difficult issue and also learn that some friends…