• Mush Ado About Nothing

    Mush Ado About Nothing

    A quick blog post about completing a life goal to visit all fifty states.

  • Screen Time is Unreliable

    Screen Time is Unreliable

    Screen Time on iOS is good, but needs to get a lot better. Let me lay out the ways.

  • Some Books I Enjoyed in 2022

    Some Books I Enjoyed in 2022

    A few of the books I read in 2022 that you might enjoy. Happy reading.

  • Be Sure You Are Fast Charging Your Stuff

    Be Sure You Are Fast Charging Your Stuff

    If you have upgraded your iPhone or Apple Watch over the years, you’ve probably just removed the new device, put away the box, and used all of your existing cables and chargers. If you have done that, you may be missing out on fast charging.

  • A Page for Photos

    A Page for Photos

    I receive a number of emails asking about photography and camera gear. I’m happy to help, but the responses can be a bit repetitive. I decided to make a new page solely for recent photos and the camera gear that I am currently using. You can find the Photos page here. It’s true that “the…

  • The Superior Theory

    The Superior Theory

    I’ve formed a theory over the last eight years as I’ve seen struggle in the world, in families, and in personal lives. I call it the “Superior Theory.” I know that’s a pretentious name. How can I come up with a superior theory when the best Einstein did was a theory of relativity? To not…

  • A Favorite Family Phrase: Take Time

    A Favorite Family Phrase: Take Time

    As we continue to make our way through the book on modern manners for kids, there is another phrase that has been born in our house. It is used often: take time. Candace and I feel mostly capable as parents. We’ve always tried to be there for our kids and I’m confident they know that.…

  • Immunotherapy Allergy Shots: My Process, Cost, and Outcome

    Immunotherapy Allergy Shots: My Process, Cost, and Outcome

    Most people would look at the photo above and think it’s beautiful. I agree, but mostly I just think about the watery eyes and the sneezing I would do if I was in that field. I’ve struggled with allergies and hay fever my whole life. My son has the same allergies. Allergy medicine works for…

  • A Personal Journaling Milestone

    A Personal Journaling Milestone

    Over the years, I’ve mentioned journal writing a number of times. Whether it’s keeping a memory journal, improving your spirituality, or just remembering your every day views, keeping a journal can provide many benefits. The never-finished product becomes more and more cherished over the years. Recently I passed an interesting mark in my own journal…

  • Five Things to Know About This Porch Pirate Video

    We have lived in this house for nearly 8 years and this is our first porch pirate. Exciting morning! Recently we upgraded all of our house lights to 4000k bulbs. It’s a nice way to brighten up a home. This package contained all of the remaining lights that needed to be upgraded. Bulbs of all…

  • Travel Charger Packs

    Travel Charger Packs

    Now that the kids are traveling on their own more, I’ve put together some travel charger packs for them to grab. It’s a lot easier than unwrapping the cables from the charging stations. (Note: our charging station is in a public part of the house. Remember, kids shouldn’t have their phones in their room overnight.…

  • April 2022 Stockpile

    April 2022 Stockpile

    Up to Jerusalem Candace and I went to Israel a couple months ago. It was an incredible experience for the mind and the spirit. I especially enjoyed the Galilee area. This one actually does deserve it’s own post. Many more thoughts and photos from this trip soon. A new protein bar Last Summer, I wrote…

  • A Good Book for Family Conversations

    A Good Book for Family Conversations

    At the beginning of the year, Candace bought a book called “52 Modern Manners For Today’s Teens.” It’s a spiral bound book that sits up well on a table or sideboard. This book is really well done. Each week over Sunday dinner, we’ll grab the book and read about a new tip. We’ll hold a…

  • Use Captions for Travel Photos

    Use Captions for Travel Photos

    I recently returned from a trip to Israel. It is a beautiful country with wonderful people. The time spent there was enlightening and confirming for me and I’ll have plenty more to say about it in the future. A quick photography tip. A couple years ago, Apple added the ability to add quick captions to…

  • December 2021 Stockpile

    December 2021 Stockpile

    A Certain Number Revisited A year ago today, I mentioned that “I plan to increase the public writing” on this blog during 2021. I ended up with 24 posts or about two per month. That’s an improvement over 2020 and I plan to keep a somewhat steady pace. I wish more people would write and…

  • November 2021 Stockpile

    November 2021 Stockpile

    One-Mile Slipper If you’re looking for something to buy an old man (or a young man who is old at heart), I highly recommend these One Mile Slippers. They are super comfortable and warm, but most importantly they are easy to slide on. The heel backstop is just low enough to slide past without hands,…

  • Add an AirTag to a Harmony Remote

    Add an AirTag to a Harmony Remote

    In our house, the remote in the main room is always misplaced. Somehow it is in cushions, below couches, and in the wrong room constantly. We get tired of looking for it. Today we purchased an AirTag and just used gorilla tape to attach it to the top of the Harmony Remote. That was easy.…

  • October 2021 Stockpile

    October 2021 Stockpile

    Sharpie Makes a Pen Even though signing a receipt at a store is mostly useless, I still do it when asked. Recently it paid off. Candace and I were at a bakery and I signed the receipt with what turned out to be a Sharpie pen. That’s right, the maker of everyone’s favorite permanent marker,…

  • On Screen Time in iOS 15

    On Screen Time in iOS 15

    Today is the release date for iOS 15, the latest operating system for your iPhone. You can see all the new features here or read an in-depth review here. Overall, it’s a nice upgrade. I just want to make thre quick observations on Apple’s Screen Time. It is a tool to limit and monitor the…

  • Helping kids organize their money through teaching and technology

    Helping kids organize their money through teaching and technology

    Our kids are good savers. They stash most of their money away to plan for big purchases.  The most difficult part of this habit was trying to keep track of it all. There were random bills and coins placed here and there. We’d take trips to the store and they didn’t recall how much they…