• Notes From: South Africa

    Notes From: South Africa

    In our family, the year that a child turns twelve they can choose anywhere in the world for a trip with just me and them. Cole chose Bolivia. Will chose Japan. Samm chose South Africa. Well, here we are.

  • Notes From: Singapore

    Notes From: Singapore

    Singapore was our final destination on the Asian continent. I’m still still wrapping my brain around this interesting city-state. It’s different but familiar. In many ways, it feels like “The Las Vegas of Southeast Asia.”

  • Notes From: Malaysia

    Notes From: Malaysia

    It’s not that I had never heard of Malaysia but I didn’t know much about it. That seems to be the situation for most people I know. When they heard Kuala Lumpur was on the list they always asked, “Where is that?”

  • Notes From: Thailand

    Notes From: Thailand

    Thailand is known as the land of smiles. It could also be known as the land of malls, traffic, food, and energy. I was happy to be back in this country and show the family around.

  • Notes From: Vietnam

    Notes From: Vietnam

    Our next destination was the largest city in Central Vietnam: Da Nang. Most people will visit the much larger cities in the North and South but we wanted something a little less touristy. We got it.

  • Notes From: Hong Kong

    Notes From: Hong Kong

    For the next leg in the trip around the world, we took a five hour flight over the East China Sea and landed in Hong Kong aka The City of Skyskrapers. For this flight we took the airline HK Express because it had direct access at the right time. (In all of our flights, we don’t…

  • Notes From: Japan

    Notes From: Japan

    This is my fourth time in the Land of the Rising Sun. It remains exciting and new. If you like to explore, there is something to discover around every corner.

  • Notes From: Australia

    Notes From: Australia

    We enjoyed this week in The Emerald City. For a third stop, it was just enough foreign while also staying familiar. I’m glad to have finally seen the Australian continent of this beautiful world.

  • Notes From: New Zealand

    Notes From: New Zealand

    When people ask about our family adventure, it’s never easy to list through all the destinations. It doesn’t really matter though because most people stop us after the first country. 

  • Notes From: Hawaii

    Notes From: Hawaii

    The first stop is a familiar place that gets us halfway across the Pacific and just slightly adjusts the time zone.

  • Notes From: Wheel of Fortune

    Notes From: Wheel of Fortune

    We brought our girls to LA to watch the Wheel of Fortune get taped.

  • Notes From: Mexico City

    Notes From: Mexico City

    “Notes From” is a series where I share notes and observations from recent adventures. This time it was Mexico City.

  • Notes From: La Paz, The City in the Clouds

    Notes From: La Paz, The City in the Clouds

    With an elevation of 12,000ft, La Paz is known as the city in the clouds. I have always been interested in Bolivia since my dad served a church mission there in the late 1970s. Recently I visited the breath-taking Bolivia. Here is a short photo tour: