• October 2023 Stockpile

    October 2023 Stockpile

    This stockpile post includes great taste from my daughter, a link to another Renlund masterpiece, a new sign for our door, and Warren Buffett stealing my idea.

  • July 2023 Stockpile

    July 2023 Stockpile

    This stockpile post includes an awesome zoo in Belgium, a podcast for your next long drive, some reusable water balloons, and a salsa drenched sandwich recommendation.

  • April 2022 Stockpile

    April 2022 Stockpile

    Up to Jerusalem Candace and I went to Israel a couple months ago. It was an incredible experience for the mind and the spirit. I especially enjoyed the Galilee area. This one actually does deserve it’s own post. Many more thoughts and photos from this trip soon. A new protein bar Last Summer, I wrote…

  • December 2021 Stockpile

    December 2021 Stockpile

    A Certain Number Revisited A year ago today, I mentioned that “I plan to increase the public writing” on this blog during 2021. I ended up with 24 posts or about two per month. That’s an improvement over 2020 and I plan to keep a somewhat steady pace. I wish more people would write and…

  • November 2021 Stockpile

    November 2021 Stockpile

    One-Mile Slipper If you’re looking for something to buy an old man (or a young man who is old at heart), I highly recommend these One Mile Slippers. They are super comfortable and warm, but most importantly they are easy to slide on. The heel backstop is just low enough to slide past without hands,…

  • October 2021 Stockpile

    October 2021 Stockpile

    Sharpie Makes a Pen Even though signing a receipt at a store is mostly useless, I still do it when asked. Recently it paid off. Candace and I were at a bakery and I signed the receipt with what turned out to be a Sharpie pen. That’s right, the maker of everyone’s favorite permanent marker,…

  • August 2021 Stockpile

    August 2021 Stockpile

    Knuckle Bender I recently learned about a tool called a “knuckle blender.” It’s a wrench that is specifically designed to cleanly bend the hinges on doors. I ordered one from Amazon last week and my sons and I fixed all our sagging doors. Tap out the pin, bend the hinges in our out, replace the…

  • January 2009 Stockpile

    In Ear Headphones A few weeks ago I wrote about the new In-Ear Headphones from Apple. Since then, we’ve also bought a pair for Candace because they are really great. But a couple more observations: Salesman regret coming to my house I’ll usually let them give me their door approach. If I’m interested, I’ll talk…

  • My November Stockpile

    Here are random things to post but that don’t deserve their own post: A quick finance lesson: There are two people you always overpay, the mafia and the babysitter. The mafia for is for obvious reasons. No one wants to get fitted for Quikrete shoes on the edge of a bridge. And overpaying the babysitter…