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Rudolph Redone

I have featured Jack Johnson in my Gems a few times before (1,2), but I can’t help it. He is absolutely one of my favorite artists.

You can imagine how excited to I was to hear that Jack Johnson will be doing the soundtrack for the upcoming Curious George movie. You can see the trailer (with some of the music) here. This will be double sweet for me because Curious George books were may FAVORITE books when I was growing up. My middle name is George and I always felt a little connection with that monkey.

The reason I like Jack Johnson so much is them same reason that I like a lot of my favorite artists. They have an original sound and they put their own magic on whatever they play. I can immediately pick out James Taylor playing the guitar, even if it is as a back up. I can quickly identify a Norah Jones drum rhythm. An I can certainly hear the smooth groove of a Jack Johnson strum. All of these sounds are hard to duplicate.

As an example, let me give you the gem this week. Since this is the first day of Decemeber, as a christmas gift I present a classic Christmas song with a Jack Johnson twist. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. This was recently posted on iTunes and I was alerted of it. If you’ve never checked out Jack Johnson on the iTunes store, you’re missing out on some of his best music that is only available there. A lot of great live stuff.

iTunes Link: (iTunes Originals – Jack Johnson)

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I remember that book from my childhood very well. The trailer looks good and JJ’s music in it sounds good too. I’m looking forward to that one.

ME TOO! My little name isn’t george, but someone told me once i reminded them of the man in a yellow hat. For sure #1 followed by Bernstein Bears, and Clifford.

I love that version of Rudolph! Thats become my favorite version of that song. long way from the song’s country roots but a great version none the less

yeah jack johnson is great ever since u introdced me to him i have listened to him ever since… hes prolly one of my favorite artists.

Hey there, I am looking for a leaked version of any mp3 song by Jack from the Curious George movie. Have you seen one floating around on the internet anywhere? I saw a preview for the movie last night and am very curious.

Heather. I really wish that I could help you out with that. If I find something, I’ll be sure to post it on my blog here. If you find anything, please let me know.

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